The Goddess Mala

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JG Designs The Goddess Mala.jpeg
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The Goddess Mala


The Goddess Mala- The supreme nurturer, calmer, accepter, harmonizer, and confidence booster - need I say more. Bring out all the best of the feminine aspects of yourself wearing this one.


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Moonstone has a very soothing energy that calms our emotions, but also encourages us to accept them as they come and go just like the rising tides, without judging ourselves too harshly. It helps release energy blockages that prevent us from being able to remain composed and balanced while we are experiencing highs and lows. It inspires us to be the best version of ourselves and to learn from our mistakes, but challenge ourselves to be the creative beings were we meant to be, without the fear of failure. Moonstone wants us to know that we are never stuck in one place on this journey, to trust ourselves, our intuition as we are always afforded an opportunity for a fresh start!

Peach Jade 

A revered symbol of purity and serenity since Ancient times, jade is associated with the Heart Chakra, enhancing our ability to love while nurturing us through the pitfalls that may arise. Its protective energy keeps us feeling safe while we open our hearts to love. Inner feelings of harmony help us attract good luck and friendship. Jade encourages us to become our true self, purifying the veil of ego and facilitating our awakening. Jade connects our human body to our spirit awakening hidden knowledge and truths.

Fancy Jasper 

Bringing wholeness and healing to an environment or situation jasper is said to intensify and lighten feelings of well-being, helping you to lighten up and enjoy yourself more. It can also relieve fear, guilt and frustration, building inner strength and confidence. Jasper is recognized as the “supreme nurturer” holding us during times of stress, bringing a sense of completeness and tranquillity.

Clear Quartz 

It is known as the stone of power and amplifies any energy or intention. It protects against negativity, connecting you to your higher self. It strengthens the auric field, good to use if you spending time in negative environments as it holds your energy in, and others energy out. 


Hangs approximately 20 inches from top to bottom of tassel - please consider the width of the curve of the neck and the extension of the chest when considering the length. This bottom of the tassel can reach in range from above the navel to the bottom of the sternum, depending on the person.