When we find ourselves in nature, whether it be in the high alpine, on the ocean, or in the desert, we can’t help but feel our place in the world and our connection to it. The practices that I share are here to support you in tuning into this flow of life and to remind you that you and the vast beauty of this world are one and the same.

I’m here to help you feel an unshakable calmness and clarity no matter what is happening in your life. I want to share the depth of my over 18,ooo hours of teaching and 1500 hours of training with you. I am grounded in Tantra and part of a living lineage. I teach people how to connect to what truly matters and to be more present so that they can live life more fully and joyfully.

What does it mean to connect on a deep level to your inner guide? Click here to learn more about yoga nidra as a tool for deeper self-realization.


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The Yoga Nidra immersion with Jillian was amazing. What can at times seem like esoteric aspects of Yoga, such as Sankalpa and Hiranyagarbha, were made clear, accessible and given a kind of immediacy; a concise method through which to apply these concepts and others into our daily lives. That Jillian is passionate will come as no surprise to us, but it is her expression of that passion, with strength, warmth, vibrancy and a nurturing energy, that elevates the room. She transmits information from her lineage to us —with integrity and humility — using her clear, strong and beautiful voice along with a hypnotic cadence to effectively guide the room into the states of consciousness that a Nidra practice may offer. My understanding of Yoga in the larger sense and my personal practice have both been enriched by her, and I have nothing but admiration and gratitude for the work she does.

— Arthur A. 

“I have been consistently practicing with Jillian for the last four years. What amazes me about Jill is that every time I go to her public classes, it’s always different. My yoga practice has grown immensely in a holistic fashion - not just asana. What’s consistent through each class though is the beauty of Jill’s careful sequencing and thoughtful instruction. Her wealth of knowledge and deep passion for teaching is unparalleled by many teachers. If you are looking for strength and stability, and a dash of humor, you’ve found who you’re looking for. Thank you Jillian for everything you’ve taught me! Hope to keep practicing with you for years to come!

- Charina L.