What if I told you that the most important practice that deserves investing your precious time is Yoga Nidra? What if I said that all you have to do is lie down and be effortlessly guided vocally into your best self, your clearest, most content, most vital and thriving self? Would you take me up on my offer? I ask because…


After 30 years of many forms of yoga practice nothing has ever as easily delivered total body, mind, wellness for me than Yoga Nidra - the practice of awakened sleep. That is why it’s so important for me to share this practice with you, whether you have yoga experience or not. If you only do one practice, especially if you have limited time, then do Yoga Nidra with me.

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But here’s the thing, as Yoga Nidra increases in popularity, like many things in yoga, it is difficult to navigate the many styles and forms it seems to be taking. While it’s true that it can help you recover lost sleep and rejuvenate you holistically; there’s a big difference between using this practice to catch up on sleep and using it - as it was originally intended - to touch the infinite essence of you. I know because I learned the hard way.. here’s a short read about my personal experience of learning How NOT to Do Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra has been shown to restore the body and mind, to activate our deepest potential to manifest our desires, to improve memory and cognition, to facilitate deep transformational personal work and to ultimately lead you to your inherent nature of your infinite Self - Self realization.

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As a new mom in great need of staying calm and centered as much as possible, I have found Jillian's Yoga Nidra recordings to be the tool I need!  I no longer have time to take regular yoga classes, so having these short recordings have made all the difference in managing my stress levels - definitely the best bang for the buck.  The best part is that you don't get tired of listening to them so you can use them over and over!

- Stephanie L.