Learn yoga as yoga was intended to be taught.

One teacher one student. Or for small groups and couples. In the comfort of your home, your space, in your body.

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Heed your inner voice that calls you to practice.

These packages are designed to support you at any stage of your practice. What calls to you?

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From just new to yoga and wanting to learn, to coming back after years of hiatus.  A few sessions can get you reaquainted with the practice and ready for a public class.  Minimum 3 sessions.  1 hr each.

Something you have always wanted to learn?  Whether it be that one posture that has eluded you, to more subtle energetic practices like  kriya, mantra meditation, or pranayamas, sessions will be tailored for your needs and ability.  Minimum 3 sessions.  1-1.5 hours each

Feeling off-kilter?  Restorative yoga in 1:1 sessions can be like a ten day resort vacation in an hour!  Find out what personal attention and detail to your body, your mindset, your ability, can bring in these highly custom 1:1 sessions.  These are especially right for you if you have lifelong limitations like (scoliosis, or high blood pressure, or anything else that maybe you feel limits you from the full enjoyment of a public class).  Minimum 3 sessions. 1- 1.5 hours each.

Injury recovery?  Has your PT prescribed yoga?  Supplement your recovery with highly tailored and specified yoga sessions to bring you back to health and into your body's ability once again.  Minimum 10 sessions. 1-1.5 hours each.

Abhyasa: The endeavor to be there (in the practice completely)

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